Dumble Overdrive Special, Joe Bonamassa

1978- 1979
Serial Number
Overdrive Special

This amp was loaned to Joe Bonamassa for use on an album, it is not currently, and has never been, owned by Bonamassa. While Bonamassa's usage of this amplifier is part of its history, he is unrelated to any sales or transfers of ownership.

This amp was up for auction in 2018, and for sale re-housed in a head cabinet in 2020.

An exceptionally fine and all original 1978/79 Dumble Overdive Special Combo Serial Number 0038. This 'Export Applied Acoustics' model 50 watt combo weighs 67 lbs and has a wooden cabinet with tan 'straw' speaker grill with "Dumble" metal logo.

The exterior measurements are: 21 inches wide x 21 inches high x 10 1/2 inches deep. Original black plastic handle. One 12 inch Electro-Voice BRO/12 speaker.

  • Five tubes: 2 x Fender 6L6 GC; 1 x Mullard 12 AT7; 1 x GE 12 AX7, and 1 x Mazda 12 AX7.
  • The six rotary controls feature Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Overdrive, Level.
  • In addition there are five two-way slide switches Bright, Deep, Rock, Manual, and Accent.
  • Green pilot light.
  • On the back of the amp are: Rotary voltage selector with pre-sets for 117/200/210/220/230/240 volts; Three-way Ground switch; 2 Amp Slo Blo fuse; Mains on/off switch; Operate and Standby switch; Two jack inputs for 4 Ohm Speaker; One Pre-Amp Output; One Foot Pedal socket.
  • Housed in a specially made aluminum flight-case with four wheels.

"Overdrive Special 038  This is another export model that was sent to Applied Acoustics in Germany. Some of them were only shipped as an amp chassis. The Cabinet for most of these, 20 - 25 amplifiers were not Dumble made.

Overdrive Special 034 is a 50 watt model. It has 6L6 power tubes and is fitted with a JBL K120 speaker. This amplifier has a beautifully clean and chimey tone and the unmistakable Dumble singing overdrive. This is a very clean Overdrive Special and except for the Applied Acoustics made cabinet, untouched." -Jesse Schwarz. A Dumble Book, pp. 113/114

Jesse Schwarz mistakenly confused the serial number which is in fact "038" and not "034" as shown in his book.

The previous owner purchased this amp from a private client in Germany around 2004/2005. He told us "Some of the filter caps have been replaced and the speaker has been changed for a 12 inch Electro-Voice BRO/12. It is one of a run of 15 - 20 Dumble Amps where Howard Dumble shipped 15 - 20 chassis' to a German Dealer in Bochum - 'Applied Acoustics' who had the cabinets made."

Joe Bonamassa did not own this amp, but had it loaned to him where he used it on his album "Driving Towards The Daylight".

"Joe's newest album titled “Driving Towards The Daylight” hits stores shelves on May 22nd. Joe’s lucky 13th album, was recorded with Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley. This was their seventh collaboration over the past six years. Recorded at Studio At The Palms in Las Vegas, NV, The Village Recorder in Los Angeles, CA, and The Cave in Malibu, CA, Driving Towards The Daylight is a true blues rock album, that puts a rock twist on traditional blues songs." -Driving Towards The Daylight Review


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