Dumble Small Special "100"


This amp is basically a 100 watt Overdrive Special minus the Overdrive. This circuit was also used as a bass amp. It has very full headroom and wonderful sparkly-clean tones. The level control is a second volume inserted later in the circuit (but before the phase inverter), so it allows for subtle adjustments to the gain characteristics of the preamp section. It's not about crunchy overdrive. The cabinet is not original. It was recently custom-made; blueprinted from a 50 watt Small Special of exactly the same era. The rear nameplate is also not original. It was custom fabricated from gold anodized aluminum to match an original, but it does not have the original serial number. The chassis was partially disassembled when found and the rear panel, power chord, and tube shields for V1 & V2 were missing. The bat for the ground switch was also broken off. This switch can still be operated with a small screwdriver, and was left as-is. Inside the chassis, the 5 power supply filter capacitors, were found to be non-original and were not the right size to fit the board they are mounted on. They were properly replaced with fresh Sprague Atoms of the correct size and value. All other components are original as found, including the electrolytics used for cathode bypass and bias power supply. Cabinet dimensions are 18 3/4" wide, 10" high, 9 3/4" deep. Chassis dimensions are 17" wide, 3" high (not including tubes & transformers), 8" deep. Tubes are V1 vintage Mullard 12AX7, V2 vintage Sylvania 12AX7, V3-V6 6L6 (new, matched quad) by Tube Amp Doctor. Transformers are all are Fender OEM iron as used in Twin Reverb, Showman and Dual Showman. Power Transformer 022756, 606 2273, CSA 827 (22nd week of 1973). Output Transformer 022889, 606-3-35 (35th week of 1973). Choke 022699, 606-3-48 (48th week of 1973). Potentiometers (date codes range from 1970 to 1973), Volume 1377014, Treble 137271, Bass 1377227, Level 1377315, Bias Adjust 13771xx (last 2 digits obscured).


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