Dumble Bandmaster


Built by Alexander Dumble just before he started designing his 'Dumble' branded amps such as the Overdrive. It is one of a handful Dumble built for local Santa Cruz bands as he was developing his preamp and tone circuits. The amp is complete originality and its provenance is fully known. There is a lot of history that goes with it and most all of the characters involved are still around and able to testify as to the amps authenticity. The amp was built by Dumble for David Green, a guitarist who worked with him at his original Santa Cruz, California shop out on East Cliff Drive. The amp uses a cabinet from a 1967 Fender Bandmaster and an earlier chassis (note the Fender Musical Instruments faceplate and the Fender Electric Instrument Co. backplate). Many of the parts used to build amps at that time were scavenged. There are several tell tale elements that are very apparent if you know the early history of Dumble amps, such as the A.D. stamp and the formica tabletop material used for the board.


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