Dumble Overdrive Special

Serial Number
Overdrive Special OD-50W

This amp is early, has Fender Bassman power and output transformers and a Super Reverb choke. Filtering is as per Blackface Fenders as is biasing. All caps are Sprague Atoms and Orange Drops. The speaker is an EV and the cabinet is hardwood. Construction quality is excellent. This is one of around 25 Dumble amplifiers that were imported to Germany in the late seventies and early eighties. Dumble had a deal with a shop in Bochum called "Applied Acoustics". This shop imported the Boogie amplifiers at that time as well. Dumble shipped only the amp chassis, some even without transformers to reduce expensive weight on the transport from Santa Cruz to Germany. So all the cabinets of these 25 amplifiers are not made by Dumble but by "Applied Acoustics" in Germany. The dimensions of the cabinets are the same as the original Dumble cabinets, but the material is hardwood. Dumble himself covered his cabinets with tolex or suede but he never made hardwood cabinets for his amps. Many of these 25 imported amplifiers have been modified by their owners. Effect loops were added, reverbs were added, some of these 50 W amps have even been changed to 100 W and so on. An additional tube has been added between the two power tubes for an active effect loop. An additional pot is added on the chassis to adjust the gain of the fet input. The pots for treble, middle and bass are replaced. Some capacitors in the tone circuit are altered. On the front an additional switch right of the "accent" switch is added.


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